Best Private Holiday Rentals in Samui

The Library Hotel Koh Samui is a modern concept-based accommodation designed with ample doses of style, but leaving minimal impact on the environment. As the name suggests, the Library Hotel Koh Samui is meant as a haven for book aficionados. The idea behind building this hotel came from watching scores of travelers trying to find the perfect place to read during their vacation.

Private Holiday Rentals in Samui

Koh Samui too gets its share of book buffs, who always pack in enough reading material to last them through the vacation. They are found lying on beaches, sitting on garden benches, lounges and balconies savoring in the written word. As regular hotels ignore the requirements of this sizeable section of travelers, they typically find their reading experience less than satisfactory.

The reading travelers usually run out of their stock of books or find the environment too noisy for comfort or feel the posture too uncomfortable. To rectify these and to provide a perfect setting for the book lovers, the Library Hotel Koh Samui was built on the popular beach of Chaweng.

At private holiday villas, everything revolves around reading, with ‘The Lib’ the in-house library located in the main building. It houses an amazing collection of fiction, non-fiction, illustrated books, popular movie DVDs and music CDs. The management of the Library Hotel Koh Samui believes that a vacation is incomplete without reading a book, watching a movie or listening to your favorite sings.

This luxury villa has 26 stylish suite/studio cabins spread amid the lush green garden. Each cabin has rooms on the ground floor and a terrace upstairs to enjoy the sea view or sunbathing. Though minimalist in décor, the cabins are provided with the most modern facilities such as a personal computer with broadband connection, plasma-screen TV, a writing table, a walk-in rain shower with acupuncture jets and a Jacuzzi.

The Library Hotel Koh Samui provides the ultimate in luxury private villas Koh Samui, comfort and privacy that is enjoyed immensely both by the bookworms and others.

Value of Bali Luxury Villas

Value Of Bali Luxury Villas

Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but for those who are travelling to this scenic location, it is imperative to find a great place to stay. This is where the high quality luxury villas are key as they are the ‘go to’ option for visitors that are trying to make the most out of their trip and want to enjoy all that Bali villa has to offer. Here is a look at http://www.balivillasretreats.com/ for why these villas are so highly regarded and why they are a must for any traveller that is going to this region.


The name of the villas says it all. They are described as being ‘luxury’ villas and that is exactly what a tourist is going to get as soon as they enter.

The luxury comes from the way people are treated, to the location, and then the general set up of the villas themselves. There is something for you to enjoy in every corner of the villa.

The view is great and the weather is even better, but sometimes you might like the villa so much you just want to stay inside and relax. This is the charm of these villas.


This might not be the first thing that is on your mind when you come to Bali as it is one of the safest places in the world, but whenever you are a tourist, you don’t want to be looking over your back all the time. It might just be an instinct that you have, but when you go with the best villas in the area that are highly guarded, you are going to be assured of great treatment.

You are going to be able to enjoy yourself more because of this and that is what matters most.

Well Located

Any tourist that is going to a new place in the world will realize the value of being close to all the major attractions in the area. When you have to travel for miles just to see one attraction, it is going to not only sap your energy, it is going to take away from the time that you could have enjoyed look at unique places.

This is why the villas have to be properly located and this is why you are going to enjoy these luxury villas and all they have to offer.

Bali is home to some of the most wonderful attractions in the world and is a tourist laden nation that is admired by one and all. They are home to some of the most hospitable people you will ever find, but it is these luxury villas that are going to let you enjoy all that private villas Bali has to offer. Stop wasting time with solutions that are going to bother you more than provide relief and go with these villas as your ‘go to’ choice. You will not be disappointed as a tourist in Bali when you go with these villas.



Value of Bali Luxury Villas

Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but for those who are travelling to this scenic location, it is imperative to find a great place to stay. This is where the high quality luxury villas are key as they are the 'go to' option for visitors that are trying to make the most out of … Read More



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